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How to Troubleshoot Roku Direct Publisher

Roku Direct Publisher (RDP) is a great free product, but it has its limits and drawbacks. One of them being that it takes hours for the new content to update, and it’s very hard to troubleshoot. That is why I always recommend leasing a custom Roku SDK channel to my clients, especially if you don’t […]

Add Livestream to Your Roku Channel

Note: When Roku Direct Publisher server is ingesting your content feed (every 24h) and your live stream is not active, it will be rejected by the Roku server (does not apply for Roku SDK channels). We provide a custom RTMP solution as an additional service, if you are interested, contact us about our RTMP server. […]

OTTfeed Quickstart Without Vimeo Account

Log into your OTTfeed account Add new content by clicking the “Add new content” button. Select your video type, the most common type is short-form video, read more about different types. On the video detail page, make sure you enter all the required metadata to publish your video (e.g., title, description, tags, etc.). Note: […]

Connect Your Content Feed to Your Roku Direct Publisher Channel

To connect your content feed to your Roku Direct Publisher channel, you first need to publish your feed. Here is a quick step-by-step guide on how to publish your feed. Next, copy the Feed URL for Roku Direct Publisher. Go to your Roku developer account and select your Roku channel. On the Channel page, select […]

Get Your Video Distribution URL From Vimeo

To get your “Video URL” from Vimeo, you need to find the Vimeo video distribution link (not the link to the video page). The video distribution link starts with “” and it’s a long link (see example below). Here are the steps to take: Log into your Vimeo account and click on the “Videos” […]

Create Categories

On the Homepage, click on the “Manage categories” button. On the Categories page, click on the “Add new category” button. Add a name for the category and decide if the category will be based on Tags or Titles. Categories based on “Tags” have “Matching” and “Sort by” options. Matching “Any Selected Tags”: This will list any […]

Different Video Content Types

There are 6 different video content types: Short-Form Video: A stand-alone video usually less than 30 minutes long (not a TV Show or Movie), the most common type of video. Movie: Feature film or feature-length film, it has a dedicated screen on Roku Direct Publisher. Live: Live linear stream. Series: Collection of seasons with episodes […]

Roku to sunset Roku Direct Publisher early next year.