Getting Started

How to Use Vimeo With Roku

Vimeo is a great online video platform (OVP) used by many businesses and individuals as their content delivery network (CDN), video storage for their OTT apps like Roku or FireTV. You can directly connect Vimeo to your Roku Direct Publisher channel by adding a JSON feed from your Vimeo showcase TV apps. However, this will […]

How to Connect Vimeo Pro/Standard Account to OTTfeed

In order to have Vimeo API access, you will need to get a Vimeo Pro/Standard account or higher. Once you have a Vimeo Pro/Standard account, do the following: Go to and click on the new app and log in. Enter app name & app description, select “No” to “Will people besides you be…,” agree […]

OTTfeed Quickstart Guide

Quick step-by-step instructions to manage your content feed for Roku Direct Publisher using Vimeo for hosting: Log into your OTTfeed account by going to Click on the Vimeo link in the top navigation. Note: If you don’t have a Vimeo Pro/Standard account or higher, and you are hosting videos on a third-party server or […]