Getting Started

Verify Email Address Linked To Your Roku Developer Account And Link A Device

Before uploading your Roku channel build, you must verify the email address linked to your Roku developer account. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it. Log in to Your Roku Developer Account: Visit the Roku Developer Dashboard and log in with your developer credentials. Go to “My Channels”: Navigate to the “My […]

How to Lease a Custom Roku SDK Channel with OTTfeed

Leasing a custom Roku SDK channel is a swift and streamlined process, often taking an average of around 7 business days from initiation to publishing. This leasing option can be cost-effective ($99/month), representing only a fraction of the time and expenses associated with a full development process, which could take thousands of dollars and months […]

Add Series to Your Roku Channel

We have 2 types of series: Series with seasons: collection of seasons with episodes (e.g., TV Show) Mini-series: collection of episodes with no seasons First you will need to create episodes and then series. Create an episode To create an episode, click on the “add new content” on the homepage, select episode from the dropdown, […]

Roku to sunset Roku Direct Publisher Early Next Year

It’s official, Roku Direct Publisher has been deprecated and will sunset early next year. No new Roku Direct Publisher channels will be created, and anyone who has a Roku Direct Publisher channel will need to convert the channel to a Roku SDK. With OTTfeed custom Roku SDK lease offer for $99/month, converting your Roku Direct […]

Free Privacy Policy Generator

One of the requirements of having a custom Roku SDK channel is to have a Privacy Policy page. Before submitting your Roku channel to the Roku channel store you will need to provide a URL to your Privacy Policy page on the Properties page (see screenshot below).   Here is a link to a free […]

Set Up a CDN for OTTfeed

Quick step-by-step instructions on how to set up a CDN that will work with OTTfeed platform. 1. Sign up for a account by clicking on the link below: 2. Once you have an account with, go to “Stream” and “Add Video Library”. 3. Enter a name (e.g., OTTfeed), select at least […]

Create a 24/7 Playlist Live Loop (VOD to Live)

First step is to request a “Playlist (VOD to Live)” feature. Once you have this feature enabled, a Playlist entry with a sample metadata will be created under your OTTfeed account. You can find it by searching 24/7 on the OTTfeed homepage (make sure you have “Playlist” selected in the Type dropdown). Click on the […]

Using OBS with OTTfeed RTMP livestream solution

First step is to request an “RTMP solution for Livestream” feature. Once you have this feature enabled, you will receive an “RTMP server” URL and a “Stream Key” that looks something like this: ​RTMP server: rtmp://…. Stream Key: 52424bb2312 In addition, a Livestream entry with a sample metadata will be create under your OTTfeed account, […]

Create a Roku Channel

There are three ways to build your Roku channel: 1. Develop your own custom Roku application. This is a long and expensive process that can take anywhere from 3-6 months and cost thousands of dollars upfront. This option is for anyone who wants to have an SVOD (subscription video on demand), TVOD (transactional video on […]

Roku to sunset Roku Direct Publisher early next year.